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Ethics, Morality and the Land Question

A One-Day Forum August 30th in Baltimore Description and Speakers EventBrite Registration: Questions? Email [email protected] or call 717-357-7617 There ...
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Desperate Times: A Letter from Puerto Rico

by Víctor A. Ramírez García ...This is how lands were distributed to the people that remained and, since they were ...
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Seeing the Earth

It's interesting that some people remember the 1960s nostalgically. Others look back on that decade as a bad trip, a ...
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On (Perfect) Competition

Economics has rather a bad name, these days. Nonspecialists (like, say, "the 99 percent") see the discipline as either haplessly ...
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Why Should We Share Earth’s


It’s an iconic Broadway show from the 90s… It’s what you pay to live in an apartment… It’s the treasure that “rent-seekers” seek… But what you might not know (what many One-Percenters do NOT want you to know) is that RENT is the key foundational factor in the distribution of wealth in society. “Say what?” The fact, and growth, disposition and control of RENT is no less than the cause of endemic poverty — and, the key to sustainable prosperity. You need to know about this.


The legacy of colonialism is one in which we treat natural resources merely as spoils of conquest, resources to be exploited without regard for people or the environment. Consider Africa for example. Every year, $50 billion USD in aid and $40 billion in remittances go in to the continent. That’s generous, isn’t it? However, $400 billion is sucked out in resource profits. Africa, like most low income areas of the world, is not poor -it’s being looted.

Environmental Destruction

Urban land is the most precious natural resource of all, for it determines how well we use all other natural resources. The more space that is wasted in cities, the more people must sprawl to outlying areas, causing a slew of environmental problems (see video). Therefore, saving the environment, and using resources efficiently means using land efficiently, first and foremost.

Who Owns the Earth?

From poverty and environmental destruction, to war and economic crises, many of the big problems we face as a planet are rooted in natural resources. While monopolists instigate wars over oil, diamonds, and other precious minerals in poor countries, the real estate sector profiteers from property bubbles (land) in rich countries.

Urban land is the most
valuable resource of all